BlogWordPressCompare WordPress vs Blogger – Which one is Better?

Compare WordPress vs Blogger – Which one is Better?

Compare WordPress vs Blogger – Which one is Better?

WordPress vs Blogger, If you are thinking to start a blog then as a newbie, this is the most confusing state to decide which blogging platform is better for blogging. As you know that word press is a self-hosted blog, which means you should have a hosting account. But it comes plenty of important functions and tools which will help you to grow fast than blogger. Blogger is hosted by Google which has limited features, but don’t have to purchase hosting account for start a blog.

At this time most suggested platforms available which are BlogSpot or Blogger, Word press, Tumblr, etc. But I loved WordPress. BlogSpot and WordPress both are a free blogging platform, which you can use for starting a blogging carrier.

Compare WordPress and Blogger Platforms | WordPress vs BlogSpot ( Blogging Platform:

As I already tell you that I used both platforms, BlogSpot, Free WordPress Blog, and Self-hosted WordPress Blog, So I am aware of the benefits of all these above platforms.

Full Control on your Blog: Yes, this is first and the main difference in both platforms that if you are using BlogSpot platform then it means you “rent” your blog and Blogger (BlogSpot) have full controlled and maintained all services. There are chances that they can delete your BlogSpot account without giving any notice or warning.
If you are using your domain name then chances are very high, because if spammers or anybody use feature Flag as spam and report your blog as a spam blog, then Blogger (Google) might delete your blog. This is a very common issue, you can search in Google most of the person facing the same problem. They destroyed their all posts and everything.

But if you are want to WordPress then it means you own your house; you controlled and maintained all services which included spam protection, Backup, Recovery, and security. But I suggest you buy your own home; it is always better than a rented house. 🙂

Tools and Functionality: WordPress vs BlogSpot

BlogSpot has very limited tools but it is very good for a personal blog, but not for commercial purpose. You can easily type and post your articles but still, we need some promotional tools and marketing features which are not available with BlogSpot.

Other then WordPress is open source software which you can download it free from and install it your server (Web Hosting account). You can extend it or you can add new features and tools manually. There are so many Social Media Marketing plugins, SEO plugins and Meta plugins available which enhance your blog’s search result in Search engines.

Appearance / Designing:

Blogger or WordPress both platforms by default have a limited set of templates/themes. But in WordPress, you can download and install new themes in single click but this features not available in BlogSpot. Although there are some non-official Blogger themes available on the internet those are not fully compatible with BlogSpot.

Security / Protection: And have full controlled and maintained all services

In BlogSpot, this is the best advantage of Google’s security protection. If you are using BlogSpot you don’t take any tension about managing your server’s security and resources.

Where WordPress is also secure but all security related issues have to maintain yourselves. You will be fully responsible for Security, Spam, and backups, but there are 100s of WordPress plugins available that make this task very easier.

Support: WordPress Community Support

I think there is limited support available for BlogSpot, available basic documentation and user’s forum.

But WordPress has very powerful and active community support, you can reply within hours from experienced WordPress users and developers.

Verdict in Last:

Blogger or BlogSpot is very good for new users who do not have any technical knowledge. BlogSpot uses are very simple; anybody can start a blog in a couple of minutes for personal and casual blogging. But still I feel risk on BlogSpot, that Blogger can delete your blog f any spammer flags your blog as spam.

But WordPress is very good for professional blogging or creating a business blog or websites or you won’t earn from your blog.

Please don’t forget to let me know what is your verdict on BlogSpot vs WordPress? Which blogging platform you prefer and why?

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WordPress – A Truly Amazing Tool

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