BlogWordPressDo you want to upgrade your WordPress site properly?

Do you want to upgrade your WordPress site properly?

Do you want to upgrade your website with the latest version of WordPress? The new version releases help maintain the security, speed, and compatibility of your WordPress website. They offer unique, exciting features for your site as well.

Why Should You Upgrade Your WordPress Website?

Upgrading to the latest WordPress version will keep your website secure from any malicious code or content. It also makes your site faster. The newest version of WordPress always comes with additional features, and it usually fixes any issues from the previous versions.

You’ll get a notification to update your website on the admin dashboard whenever there’s a new update available. The information has a link to upgrade to the latest WordPress version. It also sends an email to the site administrator about the newest version release.

Apart from updating your website from the admin dashboard, we can also do manually upgrade WordPress by downloading the latest version from the official website. To do this, we’ll need to upload the WordPress files on your web hosting server using an FTP client and Cpanel. If you don’t have access to FTP, then we can stick to the admin dashboard method.

manually upgrade wordpress

We Take a Full Backup of Your Website

Before we begin upgrading WordPress, it’s essential to make a full backup of your website. If your website crashes after the update for any reason, then we’ll have a backup to restore your site to normal. The full backup includes your content, images, database, and other useful WordPress files.

To make a full backup, including your database, you can use a third-party WordPress plugin. There’re many WordPress backup plugins on the market. But, our experts take full responsibility and upgrade your website correctly without losing website data.

Full Backup of Your Website

Update Your WordPress Themes and Plugins

Next, we’ll also update all your themes and plugins. Sometimes the older version of a theme or plugin may not be compatible with the newest WordPress release. In this case, your website may crash or show errors upon updating to the latest WordPress version. We can also update your themes or plugins separately. 

Update Your WordPress Themes and Plugins

Manually Upgrade WordPress by Uploading Files

To manually upgrade WordPress by uploading files on your hosting server, we’ll need your FTP or Cpanel access details. To upgrade the PHP version we required Cpanel access details. From PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1,7.2, to 7.3, 7.4

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