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How to Become Very Rich From Free Or Paid Blogging Services

What are blogs? These are small pages that can be uploaded to the internet easily, also they are search engine friendly, it is better to use a blog for free information or tools because people run to blogs when they need free information. There are free blogs and paid ones, the free ones are many, a good example is the one at, with this free tool you can create a free blog with a free domain name and upload it for free to the internet, similarly you can also use WordPress, but the difference is that you can install WordPress on a paid hosting account and use it with a domain name. This is why people love using WordPress.

If you want to design a Google AdSense page then you can create a blog with, it is always better to design multiple page blogs for AdSense. After building the blog you can add a free auto responder service from feed burner, this tool is owned by Google, with this your visitors can subscribe to your list, when ever you add new information to your blog they will receive it in their email address. You can also monetize your free blogs with affiliate marketing or sell your own products with it, but for all this I advice you use a domain name with WordPress installed on a hosting account. You can get a reliable hosting account for a cheap amount

If you really want to make good money from your blogs then it should be designed professionally and monetized for maximum results, you can hire a professional to help you design good looking banners or write informative contents or design the blog for you. Also never use the default theme or templates provided by these blogging services, get a nice one by doing a search online. There are so many programs you can use to monetize it, you can use AdSense, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, sell your own products or use pay per post programs, try to use multiple monetization programs.

After everything you really need to drive massive traffic to your blog if you want to make good money. There are so many ways to do this with no start up capital, you can write articles and submit them to article directories, make sure the articles has more than 300 words each, they must be informative and most of all the title and summary should be captivating as this will lead your visitors to your article, if they are not captivating they will never read your article and so they will not get to your blog for more information. You can also post articles on social book marking sites and create videos and submit them to video sites like you tube, yahoo video and others.


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