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How WordPress Helps In Developing Cost Effective Websites Having Great Functionality?

WordPress is a content management system. It is widely used to develop highly functional websites. It is the age of internet marketing. The major portion of the revenue is being generated through online business. So, it is indeed the demand for the business houses to have an interactive website. Although there are several other website building tools available online, WordPress has certain features which give it an edge over others. Owing to its several features, it is widely used for building websites.

It is a content management system which helps in developing dynamic websites.

The era of static webs is certainly history. Nowadays, everyone demands dynamic webs because of their high functionality. WordPress helps in building those webs and that too in a cost-effective manner. Coming on to its technical specifications, it is developed using PHP language and it is an open source. This means that it is available free of cost.

Let us discuss the most relevant question of how this CMS creates cost-effective websites.

As it is available free so there is no cost incurred in the purchasing and installation of this platform. The second attribute associated with this is that the templates, commonly known as themes, are also available free of cost. For most of the responsive themes, you do not have to pay anything as these are available at free of cost. Till date around 1 million free themes are available online which show great functionality during their use. Most of them are responsive in nature and do not need manual coding to become mobile friendly.
Another very attractive feature associated with WordPress web development is that there are several plugins available that help in providing additional functionality. Building an e-commerce website using this CMS is certainly a very easy job as plugins like Woo Commerce are available at free of cost. The installation of the plugin helps in building an online store where you can display your products. Apart from this, an inbuilt payment gateway is also provided for safer and smoother transactions. With this plugin, an e-commerce web store can easily be developed.
Other plugins like meta slider, page builder, etc are very useful in providing an attractive appearance to the website. Using these plugins, full customization can easily be provided so as to offer improved browsing experience.
This platform has several other features like integrated multimedia storage option where media files in the form of PDF, video, photograph, etc can easily be stored. In addition to this, full community support is also available.
From the above text, we can easily understand that WordPress web development is certainly the best available option to create cost-effective websites. Owing to the available plugins, one can easily equip the website with add-on features like customization, payment gateway, etc.
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