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IPower Web Hosting – Powerful Hosting Online

IPower offers much more than just affordable web hosting online. The company has a huge base of satisfied customers and the host managing system is quite user-friendly and this has further enhanced the user experience. If you want to reap the benefits of affordable web hosting and at the same time get access to various value-added features and tools; then you cannot go wrong with IPower. The Internet is teeming with comparative reviews of GoDaddy web hosting and IPower hosting. IPower wins hand down because most of the other hosting providers like GoDaddy feature an obtuse interface and a maze of other features which are not clearly defined, and these are therefore not completely utilizable for the novice webmaster.

While GoDaddy has invested heavily in advertising campaigns and has seemingly hogged up loads of advertising space, it has somehow failed to live up to customer expectations and an experienced webmaster would be able to tell the difference in services and hosting features instantly. So before you sign up for just about any random hosting provider, we advise you to take a look at IPower web hosting. These people are very professional, offer superior hosting services, features, and tools and most importantly; the quality customer support system has been the company’s forte.

The IPower hosting packages start at $3.95 per month and come outfitted with a bandwidth of 250GB, blog and gallery software, user-friendly tools, domains (@$6.50), MySQL database, and much more. The company offers other hosting packages as well that are best suited for specific hosting requirements and the nature of the website. All of them offer the best value for money and the plans that are priced at $7.95 and $12.95 are by far the best deals that a hosting company can offer. Furthermore, the customer gets access to $50 of Yahoo credit and $30 worth of Google credit, website builder, templates, SSL/CGI/PHP, e-commerce-enabled features and tools, and many more highly utilizable hosting features.

You need not look any further as IPower web hosting would surpass your expectations. You can perform a comparative analysis of its features, tools, and pricing structures with other hosting providers before you sign up for its services. After all, making a well-informed decision that is backed by positive reviews and ratings cannot make you go wrong.

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