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LAMP is an acronym used for a combination of applications that are most widely used today for website designing and hosting, defining a web server infrastructure or developing a software or establishing a software distribution package. It stands for:

o Linux (Operating system)
o Apache (Web Server )
o MySql (Database server)
o Perl/PHP or Python (one of the scripting languages)

These bundled applications are the ideal platform for rapid development of small to large scale websites and web based applications. Linux as an operating system is mostly used to run servers and it can give high performance on limited hardware resources. Apache is an open source based web server which is also the most widely server. MySQL is also an open source relational database which is known for its reliability and free availability. PHP is the programming language of the web, with high performance rapid development capabilities. PERL is one of most flexible languages to develop applications faster.

Most companies in India today provide LAMP hosting services as it provides them with user friendly tools to design and host websites as desired by their clients. The bundle or stack of software(s) that come with LAMP can constantly change and improve itself owing to its virtue of being open source, thus making LAMP a perfect and affordable web development tool. With LAMP, web developers can focus on using creative measures to design and produce great websites.

In India, most companies utilize the LAMP technology to offer web hosting solutions to their customers as it has very few obstacles in terms of paying the licensing fees or investing in other applications. The concept is thus gaining immense popularity worldwide. LAMP is a perfect group of an operating system, webserver, script languages and database server. It is also technically much more appropriate than .net or Java alternatives for the majority of applications.


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