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How to make planning for an e-commerce website ?

How to make planning for an e-commerce website? To start a new e-commerce business online.

What you need to choose for e-commerce website.? Why these things are important for an eCommerce website. We know that the eCommerce website is important in these days if you are selling products online through Amazon, Flip-kart or any other online sellers. And now you think that I want to move on my own e-commerce website. But you don’t know how to do that? Here are the steps for you to move on from these sellers to own e-commerce website owner. Choose your domain (Domain is a place of your local store) For e.g You are selling your products from your shop to your customer’s and at the same time, you will collect your product amount. Hosting: Hosting is like your shop space or warehouse. Where you store all the products at one place same all the data of your website will be a store here safely.

  1. Place: Place is not like a physical address. It is your digital address so that your products, data, images, etc. are safe. Choose the correct hosting service provider. Like Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator, etc.
  2. If you don’t how to make a house but you need it and then you are going to hire carpenter and builder to build your house or shop the same as you need a website designer or developer.
  3. Go for deep down search so that your website looks beautiful and attractive when someone visits your website then he/she must be the stay at least 1 minute or more. If you are going to choose WordPress with WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, OpenCart or other open source software. Then go to any online theme selling website you will see many more design themes.
  4. If you already hired your developer or website designer then give hosting service provider details confidential and share your website project details. | Planning for an e-commerce website
  5. Google analytics setup is like your watchmen. You will get all the information about your website, Like who visit on your website, where, why, when, what he/she searches, etc.
  6. Google analytics setup is like a rumor. For e.g. heard some voice about anything and then I forward to someone else, he/she forward to another one after that a chain will be created. Same as if your website is not index on google webmaster then no one will find your shop name.
  7. Increase rumor: Listing your website on Google Maps, Google Business pages, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  8. Design your website identity or hire a graphic designer to give your website identity means (Your website Logo)
  9. Find a Bank to store your money safe and no one is able to steal from you means to find the best payment gateway to sell your product and receive payment.
  10. InstaMojo Payment Gateway, 2 CCAvenue Payment Gateway, 3 EBS Payment Gateway, 4 PayPal Payment Gateway Service, fonePaisa Payment gateway, Cashfree Payment Gateway, Atom Payment Gateway service, Citrus Payment Gateway, etc.
  11. Connect your website with social media login (like Facebook login, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).
  12. Tell the website designer or developer to give a space for my daily activity. Means Blogging.
  13. Tell the website designer or developer to give a telephone connection means live chat option your customer’s. If you are looking for free then there few services providers available.
  14. At end confirm from your side that your website is optimized or not. But how, Go to Gtmatrix, or Pigdoom Tools then enter your website URL then hit enter button wait for a few seconds you will get the website result.

Before completing your project get the website tutorial so that you can easily manage.Like adding products. Pages, Blog, and How to create coupons. If you guys liked my articles.

Please comment below or if you want to start your own eCommerce project. Share your details with us. How to make planning for an e-commerce website? My name is Ajay Yadav founder of Intelligize Digital Inda.

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