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Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

There are many different options available for people who want to make money with affiliate programs. The route you take will depend on your current situation and your plans and goals for the future. In this article I’m doing to describe some different avenues you can take to start making money with affiliate programs. Some will be free, while others will cost a small fee.

The first thing you will want to do is sign up with affiliate networks such as Clickbank, PayDotCom and Commission Junction. Sign-up is free, and you’ll have access to thousands of different digital products within almost any niche that you can sell and earn commissions.

Regardless of how you make money with affiliate programs, you’ll want to sign-up with these sites. These are the best to get started with and are well established. I’m a member of all of them myself, and I can tell you that the payout percentage and payout time is very good.

Now that you have a slew of products to promote, you’ll want to determine how you’re going to promote them. The easiest and no cost method is with BUM marketing. This is simply article marketing, where you write articles and link to the product in the resource box. The article acts as a pre-sell, providing relevant and useful information, and the link to the product helps the reader learn more about it.

Classified sites and forums where you can post ads is another option you can take to make money with affiliate programs. The classified ad should grab the attention with a catchy headline, and the body of the ad should arouse curiosity to make the person click on the link in the ad to go to the product page. With forums, make sure to follow the rules of the forum when posting an ad. There are usually designated areas for this.

Another route you can take, and this is my favorite, is to start up a WordPress blog. You can get cheap domain and hosting nowadays and have a site setup within mere minutes. The blog should be geared towards a specific niche, and then you promote various affiliate programs related to your blog. There’s a lot more to learn if you plan on going this route, but this would be my recommended method for making money with affiliate programs.

Another method that works well is Pay Per Click. I don’t personally use this method, but I know plenty of people that do and are anywhere from being moderately successful to being very successful with it. The idea here is to sign up with Google and Yahoo’s paid advertising program. You setup campaigns for each product you wish to promote. Once the campaigns are ready, when someone is searching for a particular keyword you have chosen and sees your ad, if clicked, you pay only for the click. Click costs vary depending on the popularity of the keyword and what you’re bidding for it.

This should give you some ideas of how you can get started to make money with affiliate programs. No matter which direction you decide to take, it’s always best to research them and know what you’re getting into. There are a lot of details I didn’t mention, so there’s a lot to learn about each method. Making money with affiliate programs is one of the easiest ways to earn money online and is a viable option for many.


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