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Your eCommerce Store – Why Magento Is The Best Option

The Samsung website trusts it. The Nike store is built on this platform. In fact, more than 25% of all e-commerce sites in the world run on this platform which shows its popularity and ever-growing usages. Despite the presence of several platforms, Magento continues to be a top draw for brands big and small alike across industry verticals which calls for some analysis. Why do developers all over the world love building e-commerce sites using this platform? Well, there could be many reasons but none makes as much sense as its being an open source platform. Which means, anyone could use it for free.

Further, it comes in three different versions where one is free while the others are paid and they are meant for enterprises. It’s free to download and install, and its source code can be tweaked easily to get a perfect website developed. Once the site is developed, anyone can go ahead and install extensions of choice and extend the horizon of the business. Being open source in nature, it has a huge developer community that updates the platform on a regular basis, spots security flaws and ensure a risk-free platform. More so, not all other platforms in the market are as tailor-made for e-commerce as Magento is.

In addition, Magento is a full-fledged e-commerce platform unlike most others that are primarily content management systems with some plugins for e-commerce purpose. What’s more, its core features are perfect to developing e-store of any complexity and layer to help businesses realize their goals with ease. Some of core features include Customer Segmentation, Inventory Management, Product Bundling, Advanced Shipping Management, and Advanced Supplier Management etc. With this platform, businesses have the freedom and option to select their own hosting service to keep the costs down and change the service as and when needed. The platform also gives the facility of adding as many features as possible without spending any money.

With Magento, businesses face no restrictions on adding, displaying or uploading the number of products, services or SKUs. It brings ease of integrating 3rd party apps to add new features into the site thus you are saved the inconvenience and cost attached with coding new feature. With modular technology in use, businesses can modify and plug in templates and layouts of choice and deliver superior front-end experiences to users. In addition, it’s a platform that loads fast and allows easy and swift caching of pages so that users needn’t wait for the product or information to load.

Similarly, Magento is one platform that is built for SEO which means you needn’t sweat over optimization. The best part, it supports development of mobile-friendly websites so that your business continues to benefit from a wider and bigger marketplace on the web. You also get to run more than one website using a common backend system. This is how you can support thousands of products and services at the same time without spending more than what you would expect. So, trust Magento and give a new direction to your business.

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